Leasing technology makes great business sense for virtually any organization


Because leasing…

  • Requires less money up front
  • Permits soft cost financing
  • Preserves bank credit lines
  • Offers flexible payment options
  • Allows upgrades and add-ons quickly and easily
  • Protects against technological obsolescence
  • Minimizes balance sheet liabilities

Programs and Products

  • 100% financing of equipment, software, installation and service
  • Fixed Rates for the Entire Term
  • Flexible Payment Plans – Conventional, Deferred, Graduated & Balloons Available
  • Terms up to 7 Years.

Simplify the Purchasing Process

  • Quick Approval – hours instead of days
  • Simple documentation – No long, complicated application and agreement
  • Flexible billing cycles – monthly, quarterly, annually.
Cash Finance Lease Rental Customer Criteria
X X Wants Ownership Immediately
X Optional Ownership Available
X X Typically Use and Return
X X Off Balance Sheet Financing
X True 100% Financing Available (soft costs)
X X X Cash Surplus – Has Trade-In Value
X X X X Can Expense 100% of Payments
X X X Needs Depreciation/Interest Write-Offs
X X Lowest Total Cost (for ownership)
X X Lowest Monthly Payment (for use)
X X Future Business Uncertain
X X X Avoids Balance Sheet Debt
X X Good For Trying Out Equipment
X X Improves Cash Flow
X X Planned Equipment Replacement
X X Eliminates Equipment Disposal Concerns