Our Network Subscription Service in partnership with Brocade provides the industry’s first “As a Service” OpEx procurement.

The past decade has redefined realities. IT infrastructure and change have become synonymous terms. As a result, traditional purchase models no longer work. And school districts face the daunting challenge of addressing increased demand for faster performance, BYOD, and remote learning—all in a secure environment with reduced resources.

Network Subscription can help school districts, Government agencies and enterprise businesses meet today’s requirements. This innovative subscription-based service is designed to address ever-changing needs with OpEx “as a service” affordability.


Brocade Network Subscription enables you to choose exactly:

  • What you want
  • Where you want
  • When you want

Network Subscription offers the ability to deploy, re-deploy, and un-deploy on-demand. Customers have the flexibility and scalability to define a network today and seamlessly make adjustments over time at no cost with no penalty. Best of all, current support costs for legacy equipment may mean you already have a sizable portion of the funding required to move forward.


End-to-End Open Network Solutions

Open architecture allows districts to customize solutions and maximize resources. To simplify acquisition, Brocade Subscription Plus delivers significant procurement efficiencies to facilitate acquisition of network IP with Brocade Network Subscription, along with leases for partner services and third-party equipment.


Network subscription replaces costly aging infrastructure with Pay-As-You-Go flexibility and agility

  • Aligns IT network infrastructure capacity and project costs with network demand and benefits
  • Provides complete flexibility for IP network upgrades for total obsolescence protection
  • Eliminates the risk of adopting new technologies, projects, and services fees
  • Provides districts with the fiscal certainty to effectively project and manage cash flow