Would you like to better monitor potential bullying incidents in your school?

In addition to vaping detection, Soter’s FlySenseTM sensor detects unusual noise disturbances that may indicate verbal abuse amongst students on the school campus. Sound anomaly detection does not record sounds or conversations, but monitors decibel level, alerting on unusual patterns.

Get access to a customizable dashboard with real-time sensor data, accessible via smartphone app or computer. With the app, check or adjust the sensors at any time – from school or home, work or away. Schedule and receive real-time text and email alerts when the sensor detects an environmental disturbance.

In addition, the FlySenseTM sensor can rebuild trust between faculty and students, freeing staff to do more teaching and less monitoring.

Ruckus has partnered with Soter Technologies to bundle select ICX PoE switches with FlySenseTM sensors, and IT Management can procure and install this brand new, highly effective technology on your campus and help to cut the cost of monitoring, out-of-school suspensions, remediation/counseling, and parent meetings.

Request a call from a representative or contact IT Management at info@itmgmt.com or 888-970-2070 for more information, download our Solution Brief, or view our Solution Video!