IT Management, partnered with Ruckus Networks as an Elite provider, is proud to offer solutions to the growing problem of on-campus vaping at K-12 schools. Ruckus has partnered with Soter Technologies to bundle select ICX PoE switches with FlySenseTM sensors, Soter’s real-time vaping, smoking and elevated sound incident detection solution, and IT Management can procure and install this brand new, highly effective technology on your campus and help to cut the cost of monitoring, out-of-school suspensions, remediation/counseling, and parent meetings.

Monitoring for vaping is difficult. The residual odor is easy to mask, the visual signature is limited, and use in areas protected by personal privacy such as restrooms and locker rooms is common. Supervision by faculty may be limited by other priorities like teaching, the high costs for faculty monitoring, union contracts that limit responsibilities, or understandable privacy concerns. Restrooms are particularly difficult in that they preclude visual supervision by faculty or security cameras. Finally, vaping devices can look more like USB sticks rather than cigarettes.

A vaping detection sensor enables a cost-effective means to directly target vaping use on campus giving schools control of areas where they cannot place a camera. Multi-sensor devices are capable of detecting vaping, as well as smoke and noise disturbances that may suggest violence or bullying. On detection, alerts are sent to a cloud-based dashboard where notifications can be directed by text or email to school administrators or school resource officers (SRO), with simple and thorough customization of who gets what alerts on what schedule. Further integrations can enable sensors to trigger additional connected devices such as security cameras (outside of bathrooms), above-door lights or audible alarms.

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