As a MiCTA member, you know you can take advantage of MiCTA master contracts to save the time and expense of going out to bid while still getting a competitively-sourced contract. 101VOICE has a nationwide, master contract for VoIP and Unified Communication services (UCaaS) with MiCTA, and we can offer you exceptional service, advantageous pricing, and superior features.

What is Managed Voice Service? Combining hardware, Internet, and hosted PBX, your voice service is set-up and hosted in the cloud by a service provider who provides, manages, and monitors your phone system end to end, making your organization more efficient. 

Why use a Managed Voice Service?
Scalability — Because managed voice services work in a hosted or “cloud” environment, there is no physical common equipment hardware at the customer locations. Additional lines, feature upgrades, changes, and software and maintenance updates are implemented automatically and virtually instantaneously, and done without any disruption or downtime to services..
Cost effectiveness — Cloud-based voice services are all-inclusive and allow you to avoid expense and save money that you would have spent maintaining and operating an on-site system. With hardware off-premise and in the cloud, the costs of system upgrades are eliminated.
Free up your IT staff — With a qualified and proven service provider, not only will you have round-the-clock, world class support, but your IT staff will have time to focus on more complex and mission-critical initiatives while still being able to monitor the system for management purposes, analytics, and any issues.
Outstanding customer service — Since the service provider manages every aspect of your phones and service, they are able to control all potential interactions and potential failure points, and the result is a 99.995% uptime guarantee.
Constant upgrading/monitoring — Managed services come equipped with a team of experts whose job is to make sure your phones are performing the way they should, keeping upgrades and new features top of mind, giving your business or organization a competitive advantage.

Why select 101VOICE as your Managed Voice Service provider?
24/7 customer support — 100% US-based technical support, the best you’ll find anywhere.
99.995% up-time — The highest standard of reliability in the industry.
Business analytics — We do more than just modernize your cloud phone services. We take the next step and show you your call activity data, so you can learn about and manage your customer and staff interactions to improve internal efficiency.
We do it all — We provide the phone numbers, all the best and most useful features and services you want, customized to your needs, on a world-wide basis. 101VOICE is the last telephone system and service you’ll ever have to buy.
Bring your own phone — Save money by bringing your existing phone to the 101VOICE cloud phone system. Ours are better, but we can work with yours too!
Learn more or request a quote at, request a representative contact you, email, or call us at (888) 960-8398.