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IT Professional Services

As a value-added reseller, ITM provides consulting, design, implementation, and training services around the hardware, software, and networking systems. ITM is a vendor agnostic solution provider equipped with a team of highly technical staff that manage complex IT challenges and resolve issues in a holistic approach, as a sustainable solution vs. fix or repair tactic.

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Managed Cloud Telephony

As a cloud telephony service provider, 101VOICE offers a simple yet feature-rich business phone service, using the latest in Cloud PBX technology. Customers can enjoy the capabilities, functionalities, performance, and scalability of a sophisticated phone system without having to buy or lease expensive equipment to maintain it. With Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), businesses can take advantage of innovative telephone solutions tailored to meet their industry requirements

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Network & Systems Automation

POLYTONS is a web application for smart mass configuration deployment to IP based computer systems and networks. It is a distributed network operations system that can convert dozens of normally complex and time-consuming tasks to simple, automated steps, utilizing an intuitive and practical interface. Polytons can work with any device or system to analyze the configurations and make sure they are deployed correctly. With Polytons, daily IT tasks can be automated and new devices can be deployed in a matter of minutes.

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Text Broadcasting Service

101TEXT's cutting-edge technology for text message marketing and broadcasting can revolutionize your business. Anyone with an internet connection can take advantage of the power of text messaging (SMS), picture messaging (MMS), voice broadcasting, email marketing, and social media marketing including Facebook, Twitter, and more, to reach an unlimited number of clients. Text messages have a 98% open rate. Reach your customers with more success and less effort with 101TEXT marketing platform.

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Managed WiFi Platform

GalaxyWiFi is a cloud-based managed WiFi service, offering the highest reliability, performance,and flexibility. GalaxyWiFi is more than just WiFi management; it's a great WiFi experience for businesses and users, including advanced security and high throughput and performance. GalaxyWiFi maximizes signal coverage, strength, throughput, and network capacity by continuously directing signals to each specific client device instead of wasting signal strength where it is not needed or required.

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Collaboration as a Service

101HUB is a premier platform provider of web conferencing, remote support, audio conferencing, and video conferencing that meets the needs of any organization. Travel expenses and busy schedules mean meetings can't always happen in person. 101HUB provides advanced technologies as a service for online meetings with superior video and audio quality without any upfront investment.